About Us

Cotton Rich is a quality conscious cum specialized clothing brand offering wide range of styling, cut and fit for a smart appearance. Dedication, fairness and trust are the core values and driving force for our business practices. Brand’s essence is rooted in ensuring highest level of customer satisfaction through quality materials selection, craftsmanship, cutting edge stitching standards, efficient customer service and promised delivery! 

We offer both ready to wear and bespoke clothing. We reckon Bespoke clothing is an art lest take the measurements and la voila, there comes your shirt, whereas aforesaid require perfect knowledge, sheer focus, careful listening & big thing, interpreting the image into an iconic personification to shape the cut & fit you’ve envisaged!

We believe that fashion is a way to say who you are without having to speak and fig yourself up like you’re already famous! Our unflagging passion for excellence to maintain quality consistency is the stepping stone of our business philosophy. We incessantly strive to explore the fashion to bring the best for you to maximize your shopping experience. Simply, we trust that actions speak louder than words; therefore, we will recommend you to try your next outfit with us to enjoy a hassle-free bespoke clothing spree!

Therefore, we gladly invite you to join our growing family of valued customers across globe to explore exciting trends and appealing silhouette to make the most of the key occasions!

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